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After a week off due to illness and a memory-stik issue, Booom!Box is back with Episode #7

Topics: Prince of Persia, RE5, being sick sucks, Ka-Booom Gameclub info, Philthy checked out The Game LIVE @ Lupos ( Providence, RI ), Guitar Hero & WTF is a peripheral?, The Orcarina of Rhyme, GameNARP, Promo-nukes( Winbreak, Analoghype, GalaxyNewsRadio, S4G ), Bruins hockey, & more. 

Intro song : Pete Rock Ft. Papoose : Comprehend

Break Instrumental : Qualitybeats84

Outro song : Outkast : Da Art of Storytellin' Prt.1

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Booom!boxcast Episode 06

Topics: Halloween, Transporter 3, H.A.W.X, Portal, True Romance, e-mail questions, Immortal Technique,'s Top 10 Female Emcees, What makes a fan?, Can game endings wreck the overall game experience?, & more!

Intro Song: Queens Get The Money - Nas

Break Instrumental by Qualitybeats84

Outro Song: Ebonics - Big L

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Episode 5 is live! Not a lot going on - but we managed.

Topics : Gears 2, Mirrors Edge, Lupe Fiasco, J.Period, Murs for President, Kanye West is a douche(?), New Releases in games - movies - & music (Not much), AnalogHype, Imagine a game, How to slow down the used game market, & probably a bunch of other little things we forgot.
Intro music by Murs : Everything : Murs for President
Break music by Qualitybeats84 : N/A
Outro music by Lupe Fiasco : Little Soldier : The Cool
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It's finally arrived! We sat down with Indie Hip-hop group, Bilithic, and discussed their music, their life, and their Playstation(?) :)

Topics : What we've been doin', Afro Samurai review, Bilithic music, & the interview with Matt & Ollie from Chi-towns own Indie Hip-hop group, Bilithic.  Booom!box news about and probably something else we forgot. 

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